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We have established our firm in the name of INSTRUMENT MAINTENANCE & ERECTION TECHS (IME Techs) in 1990 since which we are carrying out


PROJECT as well as MAINTENANCE work at CPCL Chennai (Formerly MRL) and also other Petrochemicals, Refineries, Fertilisers and Rubber factories. 

We have changed our firm as FRANKLIN INSTRUEMENT MAINTENANCE & ERECTION TECHS PVT. LTD., ( Franklin IME Techs Pvt. Ltd.,) from April 2004.


What's New

Provide service assistance for Technical service Inspection Section for preparation of Data Cards for Ref III as per instructions.    More...


Carrying out laying of PVC pipes, Casing, Telephone cables, Termination and instruments with supply of materials since 2003 at Bharti Telenet Ltd., (Touchtel) Chennai.  


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